This troubled soul
is on a roll
Reckless is he
going, and going, with no battery
Flipping the engines
No thoughts with mentions
He always shares
his lack of care
You’re, at least, guaranteed a crooked look
if gone with push
If he flips the amazing
he‘s holding a rage
He’ll come back hard
with no regard
If you feel you can save him
you better have a cage for him
or the thing he forgot
the love he sought


Words of Nefie

Petty Living?

you use your energy to put and try to keep others down
you make hard judgments based on what is only face value
you hate others based on attributes of no true value
you are not open minded or do not try understand others differences
you make money your end all, a main source of happiness or frustration
you live beyond your means to impress others/show status
you take your anger out on others instead of elsewhere
you leave children and other non fully self suciffient beings unproperly cared for

This is not to judge… Make your life more meaningful, get rid of petty living.