Living a dream though I must stay in the scene
Jealous hoes and dope clothes, it’s something bittersweet
The phonies and fakes don’t match real Lou’s and Marc Jakes
Guys who want a taste can lick the Creams and the Bapes
In the world of models and bottles, living life full throttle
Hoping for hits and chicks, is my home of fashion kicks and pics
I get lost in it all watching by the wall
S M H at the face desperate for a place
I stand alone, holding my own; don’t care for popular tone
Respect for the best of high fashion dress
But I can dress spending way less
No shame in the name; every tag I claim
And, I don’t diss whatever your fit
As long as you come to me when you’re thinking of it
An imagined threat, I stay focus on threads
I’ll take them even before I take the bread
So, with that in the end, you can say I pretend to like all the “friends”
But the passion for fashion stays everlasting





Words of Nefie

These skies stay blue, sometimes going grey, while I pray for purple.

Words of Nefie

Philosophy on the poetic heart and soul:

The soul is who you truly are, the energy that gives you life. Your body becomes its vessel, and the soul does not change. Your heart, on the other hand, is the guide/steer-er of the vessel. It’s what moves you and as that, it changes. It changes with wind. Your heart and soul don’t always align; the heart doesn’t always go where the soul wants, hence the feeling of being ‘lost’ or ‘disconnected’. Your heart can go one way, as which your true self, your soul, doesn’t see fit. A broken heart can make a soul more unsettled. Constant instability with the heart can make a soul feel trapped as if “led astray” by the heart. Then, the soul will disconnect from anything of the heart, hence the feeling of being “suicidal”. The soul wants out. But, when they are completely aligned, too put it simply, it is the greatest feeling on Earth.

Words of Nefie

The way we treat our own kind, no better than animals, something like cannibals .