Words of Nefie

I decided this will be the end of my blog. Thank you to all my followers and supporters. I hope you’ll continue to support me. I have compiled a list of “Words of Nefie”, a few of which are in this blog archives. Purchase a formal copy here, or read it for free here.  Anyone who purchases writing can receive a personal thank you card. Just send a proof of purchase and address to the email provided. I wish you all well.





It’s hard to impress the enchantress
It seems there may better luck in ressurecting Atlantis
The Goddess does more deflecting
than light to its reflection
She uses her discretion
to pick and choose her blessings
You must be deemed heaven sent
or, at least, heaven bent
And, you must be more than mere mortal
or have some magic key to some magic portal
To be close to her highness
you must be close the highest
She has ties with the sun and moon
They converse through windows of her room
And, don’t think it’s gloom
that she rests in it like a tomb
If you get her off her cloud
then you’ve stood out
But, it doesn’t mean you’ve achieved
what you may like to believe
If your presence has disturbed
you should flee as if you never spoke a word
There’s a long list
of those she doesn’t miss
An aim at her heart
is a most missed mark
You must ascertain
you won’t worsen a deep disdain
There’s crushing contempt
for those who’ve came and went
To get pass the wall
takes more than being tall
You must be wise
to not waste telling time


We had a falling out, but we are back together
We have falling outs, but we are like the weather

Words of Nefie

Love is a lucid omnipresent visceral energy, yet can remain a long overdue vacant energy in society. One must live open to this vital energy.


I told you you wouldn’t find more
and you’ll miss what you had before
That it’s not the place for you
because their hearts are misconstrued
I told you you’ll get stuck
and try to get back without luck
That no one will understand
a thing of this distant land
I told you you’ll begin to believe
your home is all just a dream
That they can only imagine
being closed by their entrapments
I told you you’ll feel the same
once influenced by their ways
That you’ll become just like them
or, at least, feel the need to pretend
I told you that it’s a color
not familiar to us lovers
That nothing will be the same
under a predominantly blue shade
I told you you’ll cling to the bits
that remind you of all this
That you’ll feel alone
when you see there’s no place like home
I told you if you go
you’ll miss everything you know
That you’ll never feel as free
as you did here with me.

Words of Nefie

Here’s hope that the spirit of Venus takes over the spirit of Mars.


Come back to the world
for you’re my girl
Remember, my dear
you are here
Whoever had you before
doesn’t matter anymore
They have lost this race
being too far out of space
Can you grab your thoughts
and put them in a box
that is labeled “me”
since I am what you see
It is me you should love
no matter who you to be above
You are here with me aware to care
so there is no reason to go back there
Come back to my world
and stay my girl