Words of Nefie

I decided this will be the end of my blog. Thank you to all my followers and supporters. I hope you’ll continue to support me. I have compiled a list of “Words of Nefie”, a few of which are in this blog archives. Purchase a formal copy here, or read it for free here.  Anyone who purchases writing can receive a personal thank you card. Just send a proof of purchase and address to the email provided. I wish you all well.




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Have you ever forgotten previous worries
as what you knew became blurry
Been in a surreal scene
but felt, for sure, it’s the real thing
Not known whether it’s right or wrong
but instinct pushes you to go on
Believed you soared better than things that fly
cause you’re higher than anything high
Felt you floated with angles
seeing love from different angles
Became your internal godly royal
from an exterenal bodily spoil
Felt you’ve died
but, somehow, even more alive
Stop inhaling blue things
and inter violet dream


who aim is to slain
dragged the man
to the last place he’d stand
Off with the sheath
he felt the heat
His face dripped wet
his whole body dripping in sweat
All the secrets he hid
spit up, no baby bib
It didn’t matter anyway
for today wasn’t his day
There was laugheter to the face
about to be displaced
He hung upside down
with guns pointing at his crown
The dark figures in line
told him talk to three “9”s


From afar, a dark nothing
In admist, still nothing
In mindless view, always nothing
Open eyes, still closed, open mind
Look deep inside, something
In admist, so much something
In minded view, always something

Words of Nefie

Love is a lucid omnipresent visceral energy, yet can remain a long overdue vacant energy in society. One must live open to this vital energy.


They say it’s mere hallucination. Go on your vacation and come back to your vocation. They say it’s all in your head. Dream while you’re in bed, and wake and forget. They say beloved is the grind. It can be left behind, but do you want shine? They say no lucid living here. Try it and be weird, but do you face the fear?

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Life’s a beach
You’re either dry like sand
or wet like water
You either bask or burn
in the sun
You either ride the waves
or drown in them
Some come prepared
some risk the elements
But, the time spent
is a beach