You said you are looking for a queen
Well, I know what you mean
The name of her can say it all
or, more so, what she likes to be called
That girl, that lady, that chick
That slut, that ho, that bitch
How about the name she came with
How about the title she’s trying to get
Maybe, for you, she does not need a name
what matters most is what is in her brain
It should be more than everyday things
thoughts that equal or exceed the highest of kings
in that, her brain is only more perfected
by the external beauty that she is blessed with
Most of this should be preserved
for only those with a caliber like hers
Even with looking good effortlessly
she should take care of herself carefully
making sure she is in good health
to make most of material and wealth
A queen should epitomize
even more than what is glamorized
Many women will work hard
but who of them works smart
Near all can play the part
but who has the royal heart


Words of Nefie

Let us make a hopeless place hopeful.