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Life’s a beach
You’re either dry like sand
or wet like water
You either bask or burn
in the sun
You either ride the waves
or drown in them
Some come prepared
some risk the elements
But, the time spent
is a beach


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We’ve all a right in life
to live a way that’s right of life
Right is different for every life
What’s right depends on the life
The only right always right for life
is letting others live their right life

Words of Nefie

Live how you want with the understanding you mustn’t infringe upon a greater good (majority rules), and another’s right to do the same.

Words of Nefie

Here’s hope that the spirit of Venus takes over the spirit of Mars.


Sweet dreams to carry me gently to sleep
They engulf me in a love pure and deep
They tell me everything will be all right
They show me moon and stars in the darkest night
They remind me of days passed and to come
and that I’m alive cause my journey is undone

Words of Nefie

As a human, you’ve the ability to connect with any human. Don’t confuse basic human connection as compatibility. There are mostly small but distinct nuances that differentiate types of relationships. People are free to adhere to any of those personal or common nuances. They should not feel or be forced in or to value any particular relationship. Furthermore, when it comes to adult relationships, something you choose, you have right to be picky. There are many things in which you have near no choice, so enjoy it. But, remember, don’t ask for the world when you have yet to understand a city.

Words of Nefie

You can stay offended by the truth, or you can rectify the lie. Be stagnant or progress.