I want a nook
where I can clean and cook
go outside to enjoy flowers and a brook
lay in a hammock with a good book
blow in air like laundry on a hook
and everywhere I looked
another breath is took


I don’t experience heaven till something is heaven sent. Those divine drops from the stars come and go, but they make me appreciate more. The Earth looks grand where the blackest earth becomes something like the sun. A sudden magic comes as if a fairy sprinkled its dust; I become enchanted. Everything becomes enchanting, because I finally see the enchantment. It’s sad how much I forget not being directly under the spell. Those machines and materials have such a powerful antidote. I’m just happy heaven reigns over hell. Literally, raining, killing fire, to keep the enchantment alive. No evil serum matches such liquid magic heaven brings. I can’t wait to be anointed again. Praise the universe; may it remove the curses and perpetuate these spells.

Words of Nefie

I’ve learned too well; something sub par will not conquer hell.

“I Remember Everything” 

Words of Nefie

Love is like a flower, through dirt it grows.

Flower Field


A field of yellows, blue, and red
atop a lush green bed
all rolling carefree in the wind
waiting for someone to dive in