A swing in her dress
A tap in her heels
All the trappings are meaningless
when her song comes
Free as a bird
High as a moon
She’s no longer a robotic being
but more like liquid
Easy as breeze
Flowing like air
She sways away in perfect motion
to a new beat


Words of Nefie

I’ve learned too well; something sub par will not conquer hell.

“I Remember Everything” 


This little birdie came to me
She landed on my shoulder
I loved to hold her
She was so beautiful
her song matched, too
I held her in my hand
while she sang and danced
This made me smile
I loved her in heaps and piles
Sometimes, she’d cry
and I wondered why
I gave my ear to say
but she’d just walk away
I don’t know why
my love was denied
I begged her not to go
as she moved to the window
But, with sad eyes
she left with barely a goodbye


The greatest form of speech
Written word
Spoke ‘n heard
Heart and soul can reach
No rules to bind
Comma, colon: comma
Punctuation, language, and kind
Soul can beat
Heart can breathe
Lungs can feel
Gives passion and heat
Create a path
Walk, talk, fly
Escape or encompass emotions
Sad or happy
You or me
He or she
It or that
Private or open
Understood or misunderstood
Bad or good
Right or wrong
The most perfect imperfect art