Words of Nefie

I decided this will be the end of my blog. Thank you to all my followers and supporters. I hope you’ll continue to support me. I have compiled a list of “Words of Nefie”, a few of which are in this blog archives. Purchase a formal copy here, or read it for free here.  Anyone who purchases writing can receive a personal thank you card. Just send a proof of purchase and address to the email provided. I wish you all well.




Words of Nefie

I’ve learned too well; something sub par will not conquer hell.

“I Remember Everything” 

Words of Nefie

“What will likely help humans, to the utmost extent, is a collective belief that surpasses individual belief and supports togetherness through our differences.”

Seven Degenerations of Humans

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Words of Nefie

Put your ego aside; let true love by.


He looks at the picture on the wall
but, it is not perfect, not perfect at all
There is a flaw here and there
He sees flaws everywhere
The lines are not right
The color is too light
The image is dim
Nothing satisfies him
He lights another cigarette
to calm nerves and reflect
The image runs through his mind
but, this, in the picture, he cannot find
Not one edge is straight
Not one curve relates
Nothing holds true
The idea did not flow through
From head to canvas
it must have broken in passage
Frustrated, he exes out
all the mistakes that lay about
He steps back to see
what he actually needs
He throws his cigarette down
outing on the ground
He does not sit and wait
He engulfs in fresh paint

Words of Nefie

Current society has a way of draining the life out of the artistic, but through art they can create a life for themselves.


Artistically my mind sits
I wait for a thought
A revolution of my world
The electricity sparks
and surges to the limb
Artistically my hand writes