I want a nook
where I can clean and cook
go outside to enjoy flowers and a brook
lay in a hammock with a good book
blow in air like laundry on a hook
and everywhere I looked
another breath is took


The dreams are relentless. Sometimes, I wake up feeling a sickness. But, I feel it before I sleep as if a spell’s come over me. My vision becomes slightly blurred and a tingling sensation occurs. I know it will happen again; my dreams will be intense. Sometimes, I’m shaken like a nightmare has me awaken. It’s abrupt when I wake up. And, I’m in a cold sweat and have a loss of breath. I think to text and have the feelings expressed. But, just like in a drug induced high, I come down and my thoughts go sound. I breath, and, seemingly, from the spell I’ve been released. Then, I go back to sleep just to have similar dreams. So, no change in the tale; I’m still stuck in the spell.

This spell, a curse? When not dreaming, I feel the worse. I knew I was taking a risk the first time we kissed… I wanted bliss not knowing it would end like this. Who knew we’d mostly be apart where dreams would play the major part. Maybe, those times I didn’t text is why I feel this regret; all the feelings I didn’t share is the reason you don’t seem to care. But, I’m stuck in something, wishing I could back and make it nothing. Is it withdrawal? A symptom of sorrow? The dreams aren’t haunting; is the distant too daunting? I wish I could say what has me this way: a cycle of dreams and feeling unusual things. May it be taken away? May it stay? A curse or love spell, I just ask to be well.


Sweet dreams to carry me gently to sleep
They engulf me in a love pure and deep
They tell me everything will be all right
They show me moon and stars in the darkest night
They remind me of days passed and to come
and that I’m alive because my journey is undone


I know your heart is miserable, because truth and principle is not what is visible
I know you settle for less, because how do you get what is truly best?
I know you hurt in this society, because of your being of a different variety
I know you must fight, because how else to do you support right?


I don’t experience heaven till something is heaven sent. Those divine drops from the stars come and go, but they make me appreciate more. The Earth looks grand where the blackest earth becomes something like the sun. A sudden magic comes as if a fairy sprinkled its dust; I become enchanted. Everything becomes enchanting, because I finally see the enchantment. It’s sad how much I forget not being directly under the spell. Those machines and materials have such a powerful antidote. I’m just happy heaven reigns over hell. Literally, raining, killing fire, to keep the enchantment alive. No evil serum matches such liquid magic heaven brings. I can’t wait to be anointed again. Praise the universe; may it remove the curses and perpetuate these spells.


Begin to shower
all your knowledge and power
Reap the ones ripe in mind
those will fall in line
Remove them from the field
that gives them will
Promise them love and riches
and other great enrichments
Show you’re the best entity
for their propensity
Only you can provide
fulfillment of voids inside
Feel them out
to erase fear and doubt
Constant affection
gives them a sense of protection
Extra hugs with added drugs
will make them feel the love
Last, but not least
to secure your reaps
require them just a drop
of their blood in clot


You said you’re looking for a queen
Well, I know what you mean
The name of her can say it all
or, more so, what she likes to be called
That girl, that lady, that chick
That slut, that ho, that bitch
How about the name she came with
How about the title she’s trying to get
Maybe, for you, she doesn’t need a name
what matters most is what’s in her brain
It should be more than everyday things
thoughts that equal or exceed the highest of kings
in that, her brain is only more perfected
by the outside beauty that she’s blessed with
Most of this should be preserved
for only those with a caliber like hers
Even looking good effortlessly
she should take care of herself carefully
making sure she’s in good health
to make most of material and wealth
A queen should epitomize
even more than what’s glamorized
Many women will work hard
some of them working smart
Near all can play the part
but who has the royal heart