I told you you wouldn’t find more
and you’ll miss what you had before
That it’s not the place for you
because their hearts are misconstrued
I told you you’ll get stuck
and try to get back without luck
That no one will understand
a thing of this distant land
I told you you’ll begin to believe
your home is all just a dream
That they can only imagine
being closed by their entrapments
I told you you’ll feel the same
once influenced by their ways
That you’ll become just like them
or, at least, feel the need to pretend
I told you that it’s a color
not familiar to us lovers
That nothing will be the same
under a predominantly blue shade
I told you you’ll cling to the bits
that remind you of all this
That you’ll feel alone
when you see there’s no place like home
I told you if you go
you’ll miss everything you know
That you’ll never feel as free
as you did here with me.


About nefie
I write to get these thoughts and stories out in the world. You can to, write your lines and comment ;)

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