Words of Nefie

“…one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.” (Disclaimer:degree of said words are subject to race, class, sex, ethnicity, and sexual orientation… ) There is no mistaking it,  America has defaulted on it’s own ideals. No nation or individual is perfect, but when we know we are wrong, we should make it right. With our focus on the upcoming presidential election, we are reminded of those very faults and ideals. Never before in the past decade has there been such blatant racism, sexism, and prejudice of all kinds. This is compounded by a lack of retort and accountability. With both cameras and the human eye, it is undeniable and clear to the majority. But, as we have proved in previous times, we are not immune to propaganda and slander. It is one thing to apply it to entertainment, but another for serious societal matters. We must learn to avoid it. History has shown us these methods can be a cause of great harm. Hitler and Nazi Germany is just one great example. Speaking of this history, what is more saddening is that the very people who built this country on their backs are the same people who receive the brunt of it. These people are made to believe they are not owed anything; they are less than those who take advantage of them, and should happily accept what’s given. These people are also expected to compete with those more advantaged, knowing that their foundations are not as strong. It is like running a race where those more fortunate are a mile ahead. Leaders cannot deny it, and there are benefits everywhere to try to counteract this gap. Though, the question becomes, is it really enough? Worse yet, there are some so unfitly greedy, power hungry, and seemingly self righteous as to counteract progress. These leaders, these politicians, would stoop as low as to rile up negative sentiments, sugar coating it with claims of maintaining “American” values and using religion, which regardless, is meaningless to any actual progress we most want. We are truly slaves to the almighty dollar. It is about keeping our nation on top, so why do we act as if non substantial issues, such as who someone marries, is signficant to that. In reality, these actions conspire to keep individuals on top more than our nation. Yet, these people pledge an allegiance. This is just what is obvious, who knows what lies deeper. But, there are other options; there are solutions. We must choose to change. Receive and use our knowledge for change. Or, we will never be one nation under god. Just a Treacherous Blasphemy